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Ditch the dyes – there’s a new egg-decorating technique in town!

Dippin Designs is a mess-free way to decorate Easter eggs – with no dyes and STUNNING results! This innovative technique uses a new hydro-dipping technology to produce beautiful, detailed designs that you can’t create with any other egg-decorating kit!

Available this Easter season at Walmart


Stick It, Dip it, Twirl It!


Before You Dip


1. Protect your work surface area.
2. Hard boil your eggs, let cool until warm.
3. Remove sheets from packaging.  Seperate sheets by gently rubbing together at the edge.
4. Keep sheets dry until use.

Fill a 8-10” diameter container with warm water. Place one of the design sheets glossy side down onto the surface of the water – be sure to lay it flat on the surface without submerging it.

Wait approximately 10 seconds – the design sheet will shrivel and wrinkle and then smooth back out. Once this happens, you are ready to dip.

How To Dip

Wet the end of the suction cup tool and attach it to the rounded end of an egg.

Holding the dipping tool at the base (closest to the suction cup), dip the egg straight down into the center of the design sheet.

Gently scoop it back up to the surface of the water, creating a U shape motion with your hand. Note: Twirling the egg slightly helps fully wrap the design onto the surface of the egg.

Smooth & Display

Place an egg stand onto the end of your decorated egg, then flip it over and set it on the table. Remove the suction cup tool.

Use the smoother tool to smooth out the design over the bare spot left by the suction cup.

Let your decorated egg dry for 30 minutes before flipping over in the stand to show off your beautiful design! Place egg and egg stand on a table cloth or placemat for drying, for about an hour, or until dry to the touch.

For extra magical fun - just flip an egg stand upside down - now it’s a crown!


Frequently Asked Questions

PVA Poly Vinyl Alcohol which is approved by the Food and Drug Administration and safe for use with food products.

Eggs are not included with the Dippin’ Designs kits. Dippin’ Designs will work with hard-boiled, wooden and ceramic eggs. Hollow plastic eggs are not recommended as they are lighter and will be more difficult to dip.

Yes, hard-boiling the eggs first help with the egg’s durability during the dipping process.

The egg wraps are made of FDA tested and approved materials. Once the material is dried, the eggs are safe to peel and eat.

No. While the egg wraps are safe for use with food products, they are not recommended for consumption.

The eggs will dry in about 20-30 minutes. You can place them on their plastic stands in the fridge to help them dry faster.

Dippin’ Designs will work with wooden and ceramic eggs. Paper, plastic, and blown eggs do not have enough weight to work well with the submersion process.

If you put your Dippin’ Designs eggs into a cardboard/paper carton before they are fully dry, they may stick to the carton and damage the design.

At this time, we do not have egg wraps for sale on their own – we have two kits available: one with 6 wraps and one with 14 wraps.

If the design is wrinkled during the dipping process but is attached to the egg, you can use the smoothing tool to try and fully cover the egg and save the design.

If the design folded and did not stick to the egg during the process and is left in the bowl, it will not work again as it is fully saturated with water.

The decorations will last one week in the fridge. Follow standard food safe protocols for the consumption of the hard-boiled eggs.

Dippin Designs eggs are the perfect addition to your Easter baskets, your home décor – or even your egg hunt!

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